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In what, how and for what liberty is acting?

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Everyone wants to be the free and happy, but does not know as. Tips proceeding from all directions, - generally are an ordinary cheating. It is impossible to speak about what you do not know. And who knows, what, actually, such is liberty and happiness? Therefore at first it is necessary to define the affiliation of liberty and to find out hers mission. While it is clear only that liberty, what you did not have an idea about it, you will not achieve without continuous conscious searching of paths of elimination of everything that is a hindrance and searching of paths of release from all superfluous. After all with the weight on a neck it is difficult to be happy and tender. In a problem of liberty, life and consciousness the psychology got confused and the philosophy still was not defined. I hope you will be interested to know about completely new approach to this problem, which has not been resolved till this moment.

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