Once More, At Midnight

Once More, At Midnight

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Guess Who’s Back?!Her acting career over before it began and her bank account empty, Lilah Owens returned to her tiny home town, with the one thing she did have, a big secret in the form of her eleven-year-old daughter. Not five minutes in town, she ran into the unbearably handsome, born-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks boy she’d left behind but never forgot.Only now Gus Hoffman was all man, owned most of the town, had a fancy fiancée and had no idea that he was a father! Gus knew the beautiful woman he’d loved and lost was hiding something – and that meeting once more at midnight, the way they used to, would reveal her secrets.But could Gus handle the truth – and his still-burning passion for Lilah?

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