A baker
Кирилл Игоревич Сидоркин

August. Версия 2.0
Кирилл Игоревич Сидоркин

Данная книга предназначена для дополнительного чтения в рамках программы по английскому языку 2-4 классы, а также дополнительного чтения. Книга содержит иллюстрации с возможностью раскрасить изображения цветными карандашами. Лексико-грамматический материал включает в себя все основные правила программы 2-4 класса, а также дополнительные правила для повышения интереса к предмету. Сюжет повествует о человеке, изменившим свою жизнь ради нового увлечения. Второе издание.

Кирилл Сидоркин

August. Версия 2.0

Once upon a time in the office

Middle age man is sitting in the office and sorting papers. Sorting papers – skill, as he gets in the university. He is so lucky, because a lot of people haven’t special skills. University is very important, and people talk it every time.

University like as school, but is bigger and more difficult. Mostly people like University more, than school. In school, people study all kinds of science, but in University people study special sciences and professions. Some people study medicine to be a doctor. Some people study pedagogical to be a teacher. Some people study paper to be an office man.

His job doesn’t be difficult, but, sometimes it’s very boring. He wants to be a doctor or firefighter, but he is office man. Man has a lot of money, more than a doctor or firefighter.

When man works, he has a lot of time to think. He thinks about his life, childhood, parents, neighbors, home, foods, drinks, job at last. But, he forgets every thinks when worktime is over. And he starts think about all minds on next work day.

Now, man is thinking about papers. Papers may be green, orange, red, blue, brown, white. His job is very important, because he must be sorting papers by colors. After it, special men take papers away. Different special men bring him colorful papers. Different special men called delivers. Office men always think they are better than delivers, but it isn’t true.

Only men work in this industry. It is traditions. Man doesn’t think about traditions, but, women, for his opinion, can do some thinks better. A lot of men think the same thinks, but master can’t hire women. If master do it, he doesn’t be a master. 5 years ago, old master hired woman for this job, but she worked better and some men were sad.

Day by day, man works with colorful papers. He has two days in a week for rest. Man works from nine o’clock am to six o’clock pm. He has time to lunch at twelve o’clock. Man and other men eat tea and f-bread.

Men like bread so much, but some big people, bigger than other, make a law. Factories can’t cook bread, it’s a low. People can cook bread for yourself or their friends, but not for sale. F-bread it is like a bread, but with meat, vegetables and sugar tasty. Some f-bread has pepper and milk tasty. It is universal food for mostly people.

Some years ago, resources were ended for mostly people on the planet. Also, some industries, like agriculture, were in decay. One clever man, mostly clever then other, created new technology. This technology can make all kind of products from one product – soy. It is not tasty, but a lot of human don’t be hungry.

After this finding, mostly resources are restored. But, some industries disappeared too. Big companies don’t create a new products or grow something. Only one company make food from soy for citizens. In the countryside, people make food and grow traditionally. Sometimes, they sell it in the cities, but a lot of human haven’t interest for it. Also, the law created a long time ago, and mostly people forgot how cook bread.

Today is a special day, because man completes his papers early. All men complete early. If one man complete early, he must be waiting all men.

If all man complete early, they go home.