A Year With Aslan: Words of Wisdom and Reflection from the Chronicles of Narnia

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This long-awaited daily reader brings 365 selections from The Chronicles of Narnia to provide daily inspiration, solace and guidance, as well as a memorable reminder of the power of C. S. Lewis’s enchanting stories and insightful themes. The Chronicles of Narnia have long been mainstays of children’s literature, but when re-read as an adult can deliver an entirely new experience. In the midst of these stories about adventures in a magical land are profound spiritual and ethical messages. A Year with Aslan selects the most thought-provoking and poignant passages from all seven books in the series, and provides reflective questions that get the heart of what matters most. There are many great moments found within the pages of The Chronicles of Narnia when C. S. Lewis is providing profound insights about what it means to be a better person and how to think the right way about things. This powerful but subtle ability to express human nature has helped make these books some of the most memorable and treasured stories ever written. This book of 365 passages allows the reader to reflect on these poignant lessons and see how they might apply to their own lives. The perennial appeal of Lewis as an inspirational writer and thinker is encapsulated more than anywhere else in this attractive and timely book.

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