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A Year with C. S. Lewis: 365 Daily Readings from his Classic Works
Клайв Стейплз Льюис

A Year with C. S. Lewis: 365 Daily Readings from his Classic Works
C. S. Lewis

Patricia Klein

This ebook comprises an inspirational readings for each day of the year, demonstrating why C.S. Lewis remains one of the world’s best-loved writers.Few people, whether children or adults, have not been touched by the incredible literary works of C.S. Lewis. Whether their lives have been touched by the Chronicles of Narnia, or the more spiritual Mere Christianity, Lewis continues to be one of the most influential authors and his ‘voice’ is as loud today as it ever was.An attractive and collectible gift book, this volume is perfectly designed for those interested in, and intrigued by, daily meditation. It collects material from across the breadth of Lewis’s writing talent, taking brief selections from many of his non-fiction works. These extracts are accompanied by brief and engaging snippets of biographical information, offering the reader a more intimate look at Lewis’s life in the context of his writings.

A Year with C. S. Lewis

Daily Readings from His Classic Works


Edited by Patricia S. Klein


Cover (#u82b16363-b056-5604-8306-285b8cc86ab9)

Title Page (#ue169c047-c82b-5190-b9a5-c161f44d09c7)

January (#u729ea251-775b-57fd-999e-72894383c256)

1 Supposing We Really Found Him? (#u5fec8498-f18b-55c5-b040-2a36a6688b22)

2 Imagine a Mystical Limpet (#u713cea59-be71-57f3-b3b6-b5f55adfe0fc)

3 Not Naked but Reclothed (#u6694e85c-21cb-54f1-800b-16991d17385f)

4 O Taste and See (#u328f7a87-9b3a-5fb7-9cd8-c57f7215cb10)

5 Enemies of Goodness (#uc9c77b24-47ef-59c3-afa6-7e74e298de22)

6 A Pleasant Theology (#ufa96d59b-fb99-52d1-b891-2e935e037b00)

7 Damned Nonsense (#ua27645e9-6faa-5e8e-926f-153d9a45cca5)

8 Something Beyond (#ubfdceb79-4569-542c-9a79-68c4ca69c087)

9 Somebody Who? (#u4561cd34-c918-5312-94ac-ab5d30ae0031)

10 A Good Time Was Had by All (#ud411fbe2-7fbe-55e0-b207-ceef7f74b4b4)

11 More Than Mere Kindness (#ub2fff1cf-bfc1-5271-a137-dd997d902341)

12 Amazing Love, How Can It Be? (#u2e5b26df-1f9d-595d-9cc8-1fe6bb3bbf35)

13 War in Heaven (#u81476eec-6709-503e-8e9f-c856dd36a800)

14 Blurry Visions of God (#ud0dabfd2-fa89-50e0-b0dd-997f762d147b)

15 Our Highest Activity (#ua025162e-75ef-52e7-a67e-1008bbd3267c)

16 Our Three Responses to God (#u84386969-5ca5-51ec-9617-c01cebcaaf05)

17 Always Now (#u273a9efd-d436-5235-a9be-fd77bdaef928)

18 Just a Bit of Coloured Paper? (#ua3c07c5a-e64b-567d-b6a9-0270b0818945)

19 Traveling Without a Map (#ubcdbb9d8-1e97-5001-87ec-d9ddb68d0cd2)

20 Gradually the Truth Condenses … (#u1d08aabc-59a7-5b9d-8416-cb0ed93cbffb)

21 From Poetic Myth to Humble Fact (#u67c82a30-95e0-5f3a-aa44-5346a1679939)

22 God’s Remedies (#u2b419f5d-0fb3-5bb5-b48d-a1ce034af7d2)

23 On Authority (#ue0236ea2-45d7-59fc-b7fb-0b3dc597f16b)

24 Finding Comfort (#u1d6e4876-9067-56fb-8c7f-67dfddd4873c)

25 We Couldn’t Make It Up (#ua0c55b5d-51a9-56a6-99c1-08b5c2ca96bf)

26 Not Like a River but Like a Tree (#ub8afa0a2-b311-5b7e-a1b3-77725bbd5801)

27 Being Good (#u3e1be798-7c9d-52db-b24b-7f3a1393fd0e)

28 Finding a Balance (#u3aa3cc9c-6f31-5d0e-99d1-48b56e5008ce)

29 A Slip of the Tongue (#u42d2bee1-c357-5fbc-bb67-486825c3dca4)

30 Proceed with Great Caution (#u51b2353c-0b50-5e3a-9721-478ba241daf9)

31 My Lifeline to the Temporal (#ud0c7458a-c73c-5a4d-9d39-89880175eb61)

February (#ue28ebde1-dfca-52b4-8447-792bbdd6d5da)

1 Swimming Lessons Are Better (#u1f56480e-a5b8-521c-9c43-dd718344837d)

2 Just a Bit of My Own, Please (#uc2f2d2dd-6470-5ea3-b298-ed04cfbff6f4)

3 Count the Cost (#u7cedad71-eb3a-57b1-8f8e-5917cf5a2e0f)

4 Begin Again Daily (#u57fd9dc5-aa26-5cd6-b121-f4dc68bf1463)

5 A Critical Distinction (#uef69da59-42dd-5f9c-b8e6-911095f8b96b)

6 Father and Son (#u6c41b058-9ac7-508f-a6e1-5049bc96cb7b)

7 The Spirit of God (#u1b745402-3306-51a5-b46a-f7b4e70c6e76)
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