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To breathe

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To breathe
Надя Грин

A touching short fairytale for children and adults. This fairytale is about two unlikely main characters and the barriers on their journey to meet each other. The story main messege is that it is very mportant for everyone to look for his true soulmate in love and friendships. One of main characters is mysterious, and stays unknown most of the tale, and it makes the end very surprising. All readers will find their own meaning in this touching tale.

Надя Грин

To breathe

– It is better I leave here. Far away. The further the better!

A voice was heard from a tiny animal, who confidently went towards the red evening sunset.

It looks like a little fish, but what is a fish doing on land, alone in the city?

She goes very fast and with determination, nothing could stop her. The city, which she is leaving, was so mercilessly full of riddles. To solve them, our little heroine is already too desperate.

In the city whales and dolphins are living, also snakes and birds. Recently, also came foxes, wolves and squirrels. They quickly got comfortable. Unlike the whales, who are uselessly trying to hide themselves from the hot sun in very stuffy offices. All of them are trying to live together in one environment, and to share the territory.

So wild. To live here is unbearable! Maybe my place is in the sky? – Fish stops and looks up. Around the clouds flew by a mole, and after it a flock of ants.

No! It is clear why everyone on land keeps away from this craziness, – reported Fish to herself and continued walking.

Soon she left the city and went into the field. The sun almost went down at the horizon and everything around started to get dark. Fish stopped for the last time. From here, the city lights do not look so bothersome and the noise does not sound so intrusive. She remembered the metro smell and having a fresh cake with a perfect tea in her favourite cafe. This all is so common and usual, but very hated.

– Night is coming, I have to find a place for sleep! – said Fish, trying to kick out the growing melancholy about the city.

She lay on the grass and started to watch the stars.

– I will start to count them, fall asleep fast, will wake up early tomorrow and continue my way! – she decided.

– 1, 2, 3, what sound is it? 4, 5, 6, no, with this noise I can’t sleep, 7, 8, I need to understand what it is, – Fish stood up and started stepping slow.

– Who is here? You are hissing too loudly, can you do it quieter, I’m trying to sleep! – loudly said Fish.

– Oh! I’m sorry, I did not know there is someone here, – someone said from the dark.

Fish got scared, but did not show it.

– Yes, I`m also surprised to meet someone here! Where are you? I do not see you! – shivered Fish because of the unknown, but spoke calmly.

– I`m here! Only a few steps away from you, – said the voice already very near.

Fish stopped and realized where the sound came from.

– Who are you? Are you ok? Are you alone there? – said Fish to a blinking spot on the ground, but did not risk coming near to look inside it.

– Oh, thank you very much, I’m completely ok! Since recently I’ve been here all alone, and I prefer it like that. What are you doing here? – asked the blinking spot.

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