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Mystical Kiev and stories
V. Speys

Mystical Kiev and stories
V. Speys

This story took place in 1981. On September 30, Wednesday, at exactly 11.00 on the Castle Hill in Kiev. I am a long time did not dare to publish the text because of improper understanding, in connection with the universal rejection of such incidents in the community. “Author’s Note”.

Mystical Kiev and stories

V. Speys

© V. Speys, 2021

ISBN 978-5-0053-4415-1

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This story took place in 1981. On September 30, Wednesday, at exactly 11.00 on the Castle Hill in Kiev. I am a long time did not dare to publish the text because of improper understanding, in connection with the universal rejection of such incidents in the community.

«Author’s Note».

Book – 1. Andrew’s Descent

Chapter First

Street Andrew’s Descent in Kiev, famous for the works of Bulgakov. Here, in his house at Andrew’s descent, now a museum of the writer, he started writing his famous-make of «The Master and Margarita», full of wonder and adventure. It is no accident the writer inspired lo mystical location street. At the beginning of Andrew’s descent is St. Andrew’s Church, then, just below the towering Gothic building, «Castle of Richard – the Leonhard», storing a set of mysterious rumors about any devilry that roam there at night. This explains the fact that this structure is a Gothic castle did not manage to restore. That suddenly burned wiring, the collapse of the plaster, and even glass, glazed windows for no apparent reason suddenly fly apart into small pieces. On the opposite side of it, just below the visible steps stout wide wooden staircase specially built for tourists. This pedestrian staircase leads to the equally famous the Castle hill. According to the legend in this mountain castle was the residence of the Prince, ruling Ancient Russ in the time of the Mongol invasion. If you climb the stairs, then gaze from this mountain offers a magnificent view of the Dnieper, Kiev. Hence it is clearly visible from the height of St. Andrew’s Church and the Gothic House, which overlooks the St. Andrew’s descent, like the ghost of medieval architecture. Sunday was a lovely day in May. My wife and I have been married for Lilichka six months, and this spring day ran away from home for a walk through the hassle of favorite places in the city. This time, the purpose of our walk was the Castle Hill. Climbing the stairs, we came to a clearing in front of the old park. My attention was caught by a tree with an unusual crown. Equal covered with black bark trunk without branches and twigs up to two branches, reground from the trunk at the same level and on the opposite sides. The thickness of the branches is equal to the thickness of the tree trunk. From these branches are drawn up thin branches. And further from the trunk of branches stretching above one meter and it grows in spreading crown. I stepped closer to the tree, to take a closer look its bark and his family.

– Valic! What did you see?

I turned to her: – I want to look closer at this tree.

– So what?

– It turns out, alder. And growing a tree, usually in moist areas near bodies of water. It is strange that there is very Tall Mountain, clay soil, no water, and the alder beautifully caught.

– Well, so what? – He looked at me in surprise Lily – went on to see what’s next? Maybe some remains of the castle still remain?

I did not mind. Going behind his wife on a narrow path in the grass trodden by tourists, I noticed with interest on the opposite side of the clearing, in front of strange tree, dilapidated gravestone fencing. «Aha, so that’s ancient cemetery. This tree looks like a cross, overgrown branches "– I guessed, and gestured to the place, and on a per-deserted wife’s grave. She looked at me and said quietly: – I’m horrible here, something to become.

– What can leave? – I suggested.

But, seeing a couple of young men appeared as if from nowhere in the meadow, Lily said: – Well, it’s not! And we’re not seemed to be alone. I looked around and saw another couple sitting on the southern slopes of the mountain, on the green carpet of grass under the warm rays of the May sun. We went into the bushes spreading trees and found a few ruined their graves scattered here and there gravestones made of black granite. Delving further, we saw a spacious well-preserved brick vault. Inside the vault was a lot of different garbage and trash. Rusty mangled iron fences sticking out of the ground. The coolness of the shady crowns of trees, ancient tombs and silence this ominous place inspired discomfort sadness and anxiety, and to get rid of the surging emotions, I suggested: – Let’s go closer to the southern slopes of the mountain, maybe there found the remains of an ancient castle? His wife, gripping the proposal as a straw for the rescue, making it possible to get rid of fear, creeping under the light T-shirt, looked at me encouragingly. Soon we were at the ruins of the masonry, apparently a fragment of the wall that once protected the castle from the south side. It was bright and warm. Sunlight penetrates well here, as the walls were practically on top of a steep southern slope. At our feet the remains laid out in small cobblestone street. The southern slope of Mount makes a sharp turn to the right and has become almost the steep western slope, the base abutting on the Old Hem. The impression that we are on the top of a truncated pyramid closed yellow clay. Standing on top of it, inevitably creeps into the consciousness of the idea of the library is not found priceless ancient manuscripts Prince Vladimir, who baptized Russia. The library was sheltered from the destruction of ancient Russ invaders and not found until now.

Wander through the Castle Hill Lila tired, and she offered to leave as quickly as possible from this peak home. And I have only inflamed the excitement researcher of antiquity and I was not averse to still continue to study this place, but the desire of a loved one, primarily, and we moved along the southern slope in the opposite direction in the direction of the stairs. I curiously looked around and suddenly underfoot on the closely packed cobbles saw inconspicuous three concentric circles. A more attentive and curious tourist can easily track down the southern slope of the Castle Hill and see at his feet, these stacked concentric circles of stones, burrowing into the ground and become almost invisible. The stones were set up and the sharp edges of this structure, certain ritual, apparently, for some magical action. The outer circle diameter of about 1.5 meters, the inner circle diameter of about one meter. Around the place was surrounded by bushes and trees, and from the south, pure space, as there is a steep slope, goes into a deep ravine, at which there was a road that led to the Podоl and Podolsk church. There was intensive construction of the elite of the town offices and hotels.

Lily quickly walked forward, and I, not to be outdone by his wife, did not have time, as it should, consider this interesting patch of exciting the imagination of their uniqueness. We already came to a clearing with a wooden cross roster there is the smell came out of the bushes, Ms. Ranch kebabs and voice. I looked to the side and saw there under the arches of the crown of old trees freshly dug pit with a bunch of yellow sand dredged hushed and two guys staring at us. The boys looked at each other, one of them in an orange T-shirt, jumped up and headed in our direction. At this time, Lily noticed him and hastened his step. Later she told me that was very scared that she thought they were black archeologists conducting illegal excavations of ancient cemeteries in search of valuables. And that they could beat us up and buried in the pit. But, back to the guy who accelerated pace approaching us. He came up with every step nearer and nearer. But the stairs were already there and we were the first to go down on her. I looked at the pale, and his wife to reassure her, offered:

– Lilichka, let’s skip this boy forward. He obviously somewhere in a hurry. – My wife is looking at me, I took a deep breath and stood on the top of the observation deck, as if pretending that examines opened away from the height of the panorama of Kiev. The guy is not looking at us, he ran down the stairs and out of sight. And just now my wife hid pink blush, which replaced the pale of concern on his face.

– Judging by the looks of this guy, he is clearly of Western Ukraine. – Expressed it’s I guess, where this person.

– It can be seen on the brutal mine, I knew immediately that he was a stranger. Be slaughtered, without batting an eye.

– Well, so would be killed? You are that one is, perhaps, the wife?

During the conversation, we got home. And in the evening, lying in bed, Lily said:

– You do not work for a month after retired from OKTB. And my salary from the factory «Medtech» will not be enough.

– Tomorrow, get settled, I promise.

The morning is sunny and warm. Outside the windows the first leaves have already turned green trees in the yard and, hence, from the height of the seventh floor, well seen everything that grows down there. I Throw a growth on his face, filling out into a neat goatee. After a morning coffee with his wife in the kitchen, I began to gather in search of new work.

– Let’s go out together, – has offered the wife. – I was at the plant foot, spend?

– Of course, I walk with you to promise success. – I joked, to which his wife replied sternly:

– Home can come back if you do not stand. – And, having sustained a significant pause, – to understand?!

According to her strict tone of voice, of course, I realized that the joke with my employment ended once and for all. We left the house. Our way laid along the lake on a paved road builders Underground, smashed Obolonske lake in half. Near Lili work was household chemical plant «Zarya». The plant did not care about the environment and merge any garbage in the western part of the lake. And when that happens, then the part of the plant was suffocating smog. Lily often complained about the bad smell and nausea when her «little factory» wind blowing from the plant. I’m worried about her health, but could not do anything. We were silent all the way. Gorky was a lump in my throat from her parting words on the occasion of my job search, and scraped the soul cat. In the distance it seemed plant «Medtech», and said goodbye to his wife, I walked to the subway station «Petrovka». Left alone with him, and collecting ideas on finding a new job, I continued on my way. Metro «Petrovka» as calm Human River has always acted on me with his free and easy passage of time. The passengers in the car in which I entered, made an impression on me is always some kind of estrangement, each busy with their concerns and affairs and do not care about a neighbor riding and sitting next to or in front of you. Since being treated around, I saw a beggar old man with a cane, hobbling on the car with a plastic sack tied to a rope encircling his battered jacket. He threw passengers every little thing in the bag, and he thanked those words of thanks and I wish you all prosperity and health. I also decided to give him something, some little thing and began to rummage in your pocket suit. Not finding anything there, except for 2 cents, he pulled out his empty hand and decided that it will, suddenly found a beggar next to me. He emphasized, but stood staring at my gaze. I had to get these two a penny and stick it in the outstretched hand of. The old man looked at the coin, muttering something unintelligible evil threw a coin in my face. I managed to dodge, and a beggar, shaking her, like a shovel, gray beard, spewing curses, clearly in my direction, I went on to the platform in the open door. My station «Red Square», today «Kontraktova» was next, and I decided to get out here. Going underground passage, I found myself at a tram stop. Rode a tram №11, without hesitation, I walked into it. Tram drove me to the factory «electrical appliance» and follow the intuitive feeling that this is where my future job, I found myself in the personnel department. Engineering and technical staff of the plant employees to work took the head of personnel, so I find a sign on the door proper, opened the door of his office. At the window of a conventional desk what the factory equipped with the technical department, was a man of middle age and over his glasses in silence, staring at me. Armchair for another massive table was empty. Deciding that the owner is not there, I cheerfully asked:

– Where is he? – And she pointed to a chair.

– Who are you? – Rustles piece of paper in his hands, with a question, in turn, asked the sitting.

Pose as an important «person», I decided to catch the tail of luck, and without thinking, blurted:

– I’m from the design department. – Pecked man and asked:

– From Golde? – Having no idea who this Golde, I continued my dialogue – He sent me to the head of the personnel department for registration. The man anxiously rubbed his right hand his massive nose, then gently asked:

– And who wrote you a pass to the factory?

– Yes, I saw that in a booth are people without permits, but so has passed. I have never asked a pass, but if I had stopped, of course, I would have written out.

– Anyway. – The man scratched his nose again. Apparently, part of the procedure by massaging him this body has grown so impressively. We silently stared at each other. Pause delayed. After enduring a long pause, he suddenly asked:

– The documents you have with you? – I did not hesitate, rapped: – That’s right.

– Let’s here, let’s go to register you. Yes, and by the way, where you Golde take, well, what position? – I guessed that my idea with my employment success. It remains to determine the position. In my work it was written that I’m an engineer designer of the first category. I’m currently adding titles, said: – On the position of chief engineer


Man carefully scrutinized, he looked at me and said.

– Well, we do not have a job; there is a vacancy lead design engineer for maintenance of products in production.

– Head of the office had in mind; I’m just so mechanically repeated.

– Oh well. Here’s a sheet of paper and a pen.

He handed me a sheet of paper, write an application for the post. Here sit here. – He pointed to the table where she sat, and he sat behind a massive, adding on the go – There’s an application-sample was under glass.
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