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Secrets of Success. Business English Course

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Secrets of Success. Business English Course
Alexander Chumakov

The reason l’ve created this Secrets of Success -Business English Course is because many English learners have difficulties understanding and using real business English. By real business English l mean: general understanding of a real business, what kind of games business people play; what it takes to be a real business person and what a truly remarkable leader should be. I’ll guide you and l’ll train you and l’ll give you that “secret weapon” so that you can speak excellent business English.

Secrets of Success

Business English Course

Alexander Chumakov

© Alexander Chumakov, 2022

ISBN 978-5-0056-8176-8

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What is “The Secrets of Success” Business English Course?

Hello, this is Alex your English teacher. I want you to know that it is a great honor and an exclusive privilege for me to be your business English teacher.

Let me start with “Why”. The reason why I’ve created this course is just because many English learners, many superstar English learners have difficulties understanding and using real business English. By real business English I don’t mean common business phrases, businesslike dialogues or business articles that many business English courses offer. By real business English I mean: general understanding of a real business; what we need to do a business; what kind of games business people play; what it takes to be a business person and what a truly remarkable leader should be.

I myself have done many Business English courses. They all have been nicely designed, easy to use and well-organized. They have talked a great deal about companies of different kinds, products and structures, but one thing I have never been able to understand what real business actually means and what it takes to become a truly outstanding remarkable business person. That very fact made me do a lot of research to get to the bottom and once I discovered the secrets of business success, I sat down and I compiled this course for you. My “Secrets of Success” (SOS) Business English Course is opposite to everything you have learned about Business English before.

In this course I am going to not only teach you how to speak real business English, but I will also give you some tips about making your company a great place to work at. I’ll guide you and I’ll train you, and most of all, I will give you that confidence, that belief, that power, that secret weapon, if you like, and my undying love so that you can learn and speak excellent business English.

In this short article I am going to tell you how to succeed at the course faster and better and what you will have to do to become a great English speaker.

“The Secrets of Success” BusinessEnglishcourse has 5 units and two months of audio lessons for you my VIP business people.

Each unit includes:


A short main talk – where I briefly tell you about the unit topic or I tell you a story or both of them.


A vocabulary lesson – where I explain the meaning of the words you might not know. Where I am going to teach you some business words and business idioms in English, you can hear people use, when they talk about business and every day life situations.

And of course, 3

you will have your favourite mini-story lessons. The mini-story lessons will help you understand business English in a simpler way and learn English grammar intuitively. I am sure you will have a lot of fun while doing this course. This course will give you some new, fantastic and awesome ideas on how to become a better business person, a truly remarkable leader, and a fantastic human being.

I wish you good luck and every success.

Your Business English teacher,

Alexander Chumakov

How to do the Secrets of Success (SOS) Business English Course

So how are we going to do this? How are we going to learn? Well, one of the things we have to do is create a daily English ritual. You probably didn’t feel very happy when you were sitting in your English classes. Now you are different and you are going to learn business English differently. When you are learning with my Secrets of Success Business English Course, it’s very important for you to feel happy. For your body to feel good, for your mind to feel good. For you to emotionally enjoy the process of learning English. Of course, it’s just more fun, you are going to like it a lot better. But the other benefit is that you actually will learn faster. You’ll improve your grammar faster. You’ll improve your pronunciation faster. You’ll remember vocabulary words better, longer and faster when you feel good. So there’s a very practical reason for doing this, too.

Just right now, let’s talk a little bit about a daily plan. Something you could do immediately, right now, today, to start improving your success with business English by changing your psychology. So here’s a little ritual, a little plan you can follow every day to start improving your business English.

The first thing you want to listen to is the main article, the main audio. So the first thing is listen to the main talk and the related story. And you can read this as well the first time if you cannot understand easily. You can read the transcript and listen at the same time. Do this perhaps two times per day, starting with the main story and reading. Use a dictionary if you need to – to look up new words.

Next, listen to the vocabulary. So in the vocabulary again I will discuss the meanings of some of the difficult words that I used. And again, you can read the transcript of that vocabulary lesson. There’s always a transcript you can read if you can’t understand my speaking, if I’m too fast, then read at the same time. It’s okay.

Next, you’ll listen to the mini-story and the mini-story is the most important lesson. The mini-story is designed for deep learning. In the mini-story I am going to ask a lot of very easy questions while I tell a story. In fact, I really ask the story, I don’t tell the story. Why am I doing this? Students ask me “Why are the questions so easy?” Well, the questions are supposed to be easy because I want you to answer fast and automatically. I want you to train your brain, teach your brain to answer very quickly.

I don’t want you to translate from your language to English or from English to your language. It’s a bad habit. It will make you speak very slowly. I want you to just answer quickly, automatically, very fast. So that is why I ask so many questions, like questions again, again, again, again and again… very easy. Your job… answer the questions quickly.

You can answer with only one or two words, it’s okay. Short answers are fine. You don’t need to answer with a big, long sentence. In fact, short is better. So that’s the order that you’re going to follow. You are going to listen to the main article first, one or two times. You can read as well if you need to. Then you’re going to listen to the vocabulary one or two times, each day. And then finally, you are going to listen to the mini-story, one or two times or more. You can also read the transcript for the mini-story in the beginning.

Now another important point, when you are listening to these lessons do not study them. Don’t struggle to memorize. Just relax and listen. If necessary, you can read as well, as I said if you need to. But relax, you’re not trying to memorize anything. Just let it come in. Let the English come into your ears and into your eyes. Don’t think about it. Don’t analyze it. Do not think about grammar. The mini-stories will help you learn grammar subconsciously, so don’t interrupt that process by trying to analyze it. Don’t think about grammar rules. You want to learn like a native speaker and that means you’re going to learn the patterns of English in these mini-stories. You might not be able to explain them, just like native speakers cannot explain grammar rules. But that’s okay. You want to be able to use them correctly. That’s the important part. So again, you want to relax. Do not study. Do not think about grammar rules. Do not try to translate. Just relax and listen.

Now another important point. You want to move your body while you’re listening to the lessons. This will keep your energy high. So, what do I mean by that? Well, a really easy way to do this is just to walk. You’ve got an iPod, you’ve got your earphones in, listen to the lessons while you go for a walk. You can do two things at one time. You exercise, you improve your body and you listen to English lessons and improve your mind at the same time.

If you’re sitting in a train, then maybe you just stretch your body a little bit. If you are in your car, you can move a little bit. You can move around in your seat. If you’re at your house you can go crazy, you can jump around. You can exercise very strongly. You can go to the gym. Do something with your body while you are listening to the lessons.

As I said, it will keep your energy high. It will keep you feeling better. You will actually learn faster by doing that.

And finally, a very, very important point. You need to use our deep learning method. That means you listen to each lesson set for one week or more. So for example, in the first Unit called “A Higher Purpose” there are three parts. There is a main lecture, a main talk or a story. There is a vocabulary section. And there is a mini-story. Well, those three, you want to listen to those three every day for seven days. You want that repetition.

Repetition is very important. You want it to go deeply into your brain. Just one time is not enough. Even if it is very easy for you, even if you listen you understand everything, it’s simple, still follow the deep learning method. Still listen to the whole set for one week or more. On the other hand, if it seems very difficult, listen longer. Two weeks is okay.

Doesn’t matter, the point is you want it to go very deeply into your brain which means you want it to be almost effortless. It’s going to just go into your brain and eventually just come out without you thinking and that requires deep learning. It requires a lot of repetition.

So that’s kind of your basic plan for using these lessons. Again, first you’re going to get into a peak state. You are going to get excited. You’re going to jump around. You’re going to listen to music. You’re going to feel great. Then you’re going to listen to the main lecture, the main audio, one or two times. Then you’re going to listen to the vocabulary, one or two times. Then you’re going to listen to the mini-story, one, two, three, four, five times… every day. And remember: relax, feel good and enjoy the lessons while you listen.

Okay, now you know what to do to learn business English faster and to speak business English more confidently. Next is the introduction. See you there.


Hello, there! This is Alex. Hope, you are having a nice day today. My goal is to help you speak business English better than you are doing now.

I’ve got the great news for you. We are going to do some business English. We are going to do “The Secrets of Success” Business English Course.

What you learn in this course:

Let me tell what you’ll learn in this real, authentic, true Business English Course.

In “The Secrets of Success” (SOS) Business English Course you will learn:

– Why you do what you do? You will certainly have a better understanding why your organization or company exists;

– You will learn about the Cause, the Higher Purpose in business and about the importance of having the Cause, the Higher Purpose;
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