Profit Is a Mind Set

Аудиокнига Profit Is a Mind Set

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Harry Lay shares his expertise on how to create profits for your business and other entrepreneurial pursuits. Profits are everyone's number one job in small medium size businesses, and you need a practical strategic plan to create profitability. This session allows you to step into profitability. There are three simple strategies: - Sell more products and services to current clients; close sales with new clients - Increase your prices and revenue with a mind toward your gross profit margins - Decrease expenses Focus your attention on profit and changing the paradigm of profitability. You can earn a profit every month by developing trend lines, increasing your market share, and growing your sales. Once you create your systems, you cannot help but make a profit with this systematic information. Everyone benefits when companies make a profit: profits are important to business and to people. They give you a competitive advantage. Create a profit culture and share it with your employees so they understand the importance of profits. Profit is what fuels and powers the business. Change your mind, change your business, and make more profits today!

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