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Caine's Reckoning

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Caine's Reckoning
Sarah McCarty

The Hell's Eight is the only family he's ever needed, until he meets the only woman he's ever wanted. . .Caine Allen is a hardened Texas Ranger, definitely not the marrying kind. But when he rescues a kidnapped woman and returns her to town, the preacher calls in a favor. One Caine's honor won't let him refuse. From the moment he beds Desi, Caine knows turmoil will follow. Desi might have the face of a temptress, but she also has a will of iron and while she needs his protection, she's determined that no man will control her again.They establish an uneasy bond, but it isn't enough for Caine. He wants all Desi has to offer. He wants her screams, her moans, her demands. . . everything. Yet there's still a bounty on Desi's head, and keeping her sexually satisfied is proving easier than keeping her alive.


Caine’s Reckoning

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To Lori H., Caine’s Woman of Reckoning, for the support you’ve

given, the laughter you’ve shared and for that sharp wit that no doubt

keeps the men in your life on their toes. May life bless you with the

same generosity and joy you give to so many.


For Sunny for yanking me out of my comfort zone and into the

mainstream. For Roberta for catching me and guiding me through

skepticism. For Susan for taking my dream and shaping it into what

should be rather than just what could be. Thank you.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 (#u9c3c1339-8757-5a4e-9291-8851338a528a)

Chapter 2 (#u5ec7cc72-962e-5606-a3a7-3848eb6b5b33)

Chapter 3 (#u9e0312c7-0183-554d-bf1c-ca89d1e49cdd)

Chapter 4 (#u0c2547d0-e017-5abd-82c5-cd8677413249)

Chapter 5 (#u20f0d5f1-6f38-5e85-8ae7-309b4cbca5fb)

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1858: Texas Territory

He hated the sound of a woman’s scream. Caine pulled Chaser up short. The black Appaloosa’s hoofbeats ended in cadence with Tracker’s and Sam’s horses. After fifteen years together, there was no guesswork to the men’s moves. They were a team.

The high-pitched scream came again, cutting through the cold morning air, hovering a desperate moment on the heavy mist before dropping off with eerie abruptness.
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