Estonian Information Society Yearbook 2011/2012

Estonian Information Society Yearbook 2011/2012

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In these two years (2011-2012) the 10th anniversary of two of the primary cornerstones of our e-State were marked in Estonia. On December 17, 2011 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of X-Road – a middleware allowing secure data exchange between different databases. By January 2012, ten years had passed from the issuing of the first ID-card in Estonia. It is a pleasure to acknowledge that the mentioned projects initiated at the end of 1990-ies have proved to be a success and a millionth digital signature was given on December 3, 2012. The yearbook also focuses on other areas of significant developments during the two recent years, such as open data, green ICT, cyber security and development of high-speed Internet. The yearbooks about Estonian information society developments are published since 1996 and can be found

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